We launched our very first awareness and education campaign ‘Love Your Balls’ in February 2011 and are now in our 4th year of engaging men with this powerful awareness message.

Our goal is to talk balls to as many people as possible about the signs and symptoms of Testicular Cancer, improving understanding of the disease. We deliver awareness sessions, education workshops and 1-2-1 demonstrations (using our faithful prosthetic Testes), to promote the importance of regular self-checks. We encourage men to know what their balls feel like and how this compares to what’s healthy and what’s not.

‘Love Your Balls’ is all about delivering an awareness message that is clear, to the point and encourages men to take ownership of their own health. Talking balls is a bit of a touchy subject, but our campaign is proof that it doesn’t have to be.

We go out to schools, colleges, workplaces, youth clubs, football teams, sports tournaments and pretty much anywhere else where there will be a captive audience. If you would like to arrange an ‘Love Your Balls’ awareness session, then please contact Mike.Bignall@themgf.co.uk to book in.

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