Donating your time through volunteering with MGF is one of the best ways you can help us and support our goals:

  • Promoting early detection of Testicular Cancer
  • Raising £1 million for cancer related causes

Knowing that 96% of Testicular Cancer is curable when detected and treated early enough means that you will be having a direct impact upon people’s lives. How great is that?

What can you do with us?

The great thing about volunteering with MGF is that we do so many different things that you are sure to find something that inspires you.

You might want to be involved in fundraising; manning stalls, setting up at events, collecting donations, bag packing or helping at fun days.

Or you may be interested in helping us to raise awareness; providing information, giving out information leaflets, helping out at schools and college workshops, taking part in parades.

Maybe you fancy a bit of both; fundraising and awareness. That’s fine by us!

You might have skills that we can utilise; design, marketing, event planning, admin and more.

Everybody has something to offer!

Benefits for you!

We’re sure you’d like to know what you get out of volunteering for MGF. Apart from being part of something very special, you may also gain;

  • New experiences: volunteering with new people, in new places, doing new things will be fun and interesting (we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!)
  • New skills: you may be doing something completely different than you’ve ever done before or ever had the chance to try. MGF could be just the ticket.
  • Additions to your CV: You will be far more appealing to an employer with an interesting and varied CV.
  • Training and Support: We will provide you with the training and support you will need to volunteer with MGF. Our Volunteer Co-ordinator will be your one-stop-shop for advice, support and guidance to all things MGF. They will learn all about you, your skills and available time and will place you in the right events at the right time – fitting in with your life.
  • Expenses: of course, MGF will pay ‘out of pocket’ expenses to our volunteers, in line with our expense policy.

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  1. Shirley says:

    Hi there, I am a photographer and would like to help. I have already started to put together a calendar that will run from July 2015 – 2017. I haven’t taken the majority of photographs for the calendar, I just need to put together and find out the best way to get it printed. Would you be interested in being involved – ie your name and charity number on it. I was originally doing it for the main charity but wanted to keep it local. I too am from Runcorn. If you let me know either via email or telephone 07834458837. Best wishes Shirley

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