Hi, I’m Leah, CEO of The Mark Gorry Foundation and I was lucky enough to be Mark’s other half.

The past 5 years have been a real rollercoaster of emotion, activity and events and I’m proud to say that The MGF team have come out the other end stronger, more determined and even more dynamic than ever!

So much changes over 5 years and it’s unbelievable to me, to what extent as we take a look back over what we’ve achieved and how much we’ve all come along. Our team is now wider than ever, with more events, more support and more awareness and education planned than any other year so far.

Whilst building this long overdue new website, I’ve reviewed lots of content and was so shocked to revisit both our stories and found it hard to look back at how things were for me, back then. It’s nice to think that no matter how bad things can get sometimes, the future always brings more happy times with it to help you carry on.

So, why did we set up The MGF? The answer is to make sure that other young men don’t have to go through what Mark did. Mark knew he wasn’t going to make it through his illness and wanted The MGF team to make the difference he couldn’t – with me to lead the organization. I am very proud to be continuing on his legacy with an amazing team alongside me.

Our main message is that Testicular Cancer does not have to be a death sentence. Nearly all men live. Mark was very unlucky, but you don’t have to be. Read through all of our information and take your life by the balls.

Thank you,


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  1. Mark says:

    Hi Leah. My name is Mark Irons, I represent a Motorbike Association based around the Northwest area. Next year we will be doing a charity motorbike ride. I found Mark’s Foundation online. After reading the story and comments, I found myself very humbled. Can you contact me please, so we can discuss the possibility of doing our charity event in the name of MFG. We don’t need anything off you, except perhaps some of your time. But we may be able to give you a lot more in return. Many thanks. Take care. Mark.

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