The Mark Gorry Foundation was set up by Mark Gorry during his fierce battle with Testicular Cancer in 2009.

Throughout all the emotion, the turmoil and the symptoms, Mark began to generate an idea of setting up a foundation to support those who helped him through his illness, a foundation that would positively impact the treatment of Cancer in the future as well as work at raising awareness amongst young men of the symptoms of Testicular Cancer. Due to the late detection of his disease, Mark’s personal goal was to start a movement that encourages men to ‘stay on the ball’; he wanted other men to be informed of Testicular Cancer symptoms, promoting early detection.

Mark made it his mission to launch the foundation and get as many people as possible involved in his plans. He was very proud to be around to see his vision created, shortly before he lost his battle with TC in November 2009. He was amazed to see the level of support, not just for him and his goals but also for ball checking in general!

Everything we do is based on Mark’s infectious determination to make a difference, in the hope that more men will be familiar with TC symptoms and fewer men will have to go through what he did. He was so thrilled as he began to get approached by many young men who wanted to share their Testicle escapades with him, because of his story. The first time he was told that he’d given someone the push to get checked was a very rewarding moment for Mark and every time it happens to us now – we get the same feeling.

Mark’s spirit, his focus and his huge personality form the basis of what this foundation is all about and is what we remind ourselves of every single day. Mark’s dream and aspirations form our core values and we endeavor to bring his vision to life through everything we do.

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