The Mark Gorry Foundation

The Mark Gorry Foundation, a Testicular Cancer charity, was set up by Mark Gorry during his fierce battle with Testicular Cancer in 2009. Throughout all the emotion, the turmoil and the symptoms, Mark began to generate an idea of setting up a foundation to support those who helped him through his illness; a foundation that would positively impact the treatment of Cancer in the future as well as work at raising awareness amongst young men of the symptoms of Testicular Cancer. Due to the late detection of his disease, Mark's personal goal was to start a movement, which encouraged men to 'stay on the ball'; he wanted other men to be informed of Testicular Cancer symptoms, promoting early detection.

As the months went on, Mark began to ask more questions of those in the know and when his condition unfortunately became terminal in September 2009, he grew more determined to see his vision created and it was a hugely emotional day when he attended the first 'MGF' event. Mark's spirit, his focus and his huge personality form the basis of what this foundation is all about and we are all looking forward to driving Mark's dreams forward, making his aspirations a reality! Read More.

At The Mark Gorry Foundation we are passionate about delivering a positive message to young men about the importance of checking for Testicular Cancer, as well as promoting an understanding of the symptoms of Testicular Cancer. We aim towards encouraging all young men we come into contact with to be familiar with the signs of Testicular Cancer such as testicular pain, testicular lumps or lower abdomen pain.

The overall goal for this Testicular Cancer charity is to promote regular checks, maximising chances of spotting cancer symptoms early and seeking medical advice at the earliest opportunity. We are not experts in Testicular cancer by any means and our knowledge and experience is growing day to day. We do have lots of connections within the Cancer support network, so know where to go to find the answers. What we do know is that TC is fast growing; therefore early diagnosis is key to ensure that any Cancer treatment given has a better chance of success. Hide this content.

The Mark Gorry Foundation is administered by Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services (LCVS) a registered charity and a company by guarantee registered in England.
Charity Number: 223485
Company Number: 181759

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